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Sarah and Sven are passionate strawbale, natural, reuse designer and builder and lecturer. 

We learned our first strawbale steps form those two. 

We are always happy for the short moments we can spend with them as wonderful people.

Sol Design

Hiberna Building & Design

Designers and builders of straw bale houses. Ben and Jessica have an interest in Passive House design, use Wufi, thermal imaging and build with lime, straw and clay.

Hiberna Building & Desing

Earth Building Association of New Zealand

EBANZ primary mission is to promote the art and science of earth and natural building.

EBANZ is a network group for those interested in natural building methods such as Adobe, Cob, Rammed Earth, Poured Earth, Pressed Earth and Straw Bale construction.

Earth Building Association of New Zealand

Dirk Scharmer

Dirk is a leading Strawbale Architect in Germany. He gives lectures and created FASBA the German straw bale association which has done a lot of research and testing. His site is also in English and has a lot of information on straw bale building.

Dirk Scharmer Architekt Lecturer (Germany)

Straw Works

Led by Barbara Jones & Eileen Sutherland. A UK based building, design, strawbale training hub. They build, draft, lecture, teach, write books.........

There site is  full of information and details.

Straw Works (UK)


Ausbale is a group of building industry professionals, researchers, owner builders, and interested people who share knowledge and experiences. Ask questions, find answers, seek inspiration, share photos, articles, advice and contribute to the growing movement towards better, smarter, ecologically sustainable, non-toxic and beautiful buildings.Delete

Ausbale (AU) 

Pro Clima

Manufacturer of airtightness and weathertightness membranes and systems.

pro clima’s airtightness and weathertightness building system, in combination with effective insulation and appropriate ventilation, creates

an energy efficient, low allergen emitting, comfortable, healthy home or place of business.

Pro  Clima  NZ 

Top book recommendations:

  • Clay & Lime Renders, Plasters and Paints by Katy Bryce & Adam Weismann

  • Clay Culture by Carole Crews

  • Building with Lime by Stafford Holmes and Michael Wingate

  • Humanure Handbook by Joseph Jenkins

  • Building Green by Clark Snell & Tim Callahan

  • Building with Earth by Gernot Minke

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