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Mayfair Ave. 2013

Cut Apart, Moved, Added, Put Together Again

The clients wished to relocate the existing house on the section, orientate it to the sun and increase the size. The house was cut in half, rotated 180 degrees, then re-positioned on the section with a gap in between. We filled the gap with new walls, floor and  a new roof. An existing deck was craned in one piece over the house to a new location and a new entrance was created.



  • Original weatherboards patched and reused. 

  • New floor areas are salvaged matai or nz grown eucalyptus.

  • Over the main lounge scissor trusses were installed.

  • Entrance is mortise and tenon construction, built with macrocarpa.

  • Inside the entrance a curved wall slopes into the lounge, to separate the entrance from the living spaces.

  • Macrocarpa deck and posts

A really interesting build from demolition, alteration, renovation to new build. With nice little details and parts that were hardly touched. The reality is that not everyone can afford to build their dream house, so an alteration and renovation of the house that exists is sometimes not only a more affordable option but might also be the environmental choice.

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