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Tomoana Rd. 2017/18

Large scale renovation


The clients originally wanted to build a new house but found this existing 1950’s weatherboard home in an ideal location with a perfect garden and backyard.



  • Extensive changes to existing floor plan including new open plan areas supported by large beams.

  • New entrances and french doors opening on to new and extended decks

  • Existing matai floors exposed and polished

  • Rimu framing salvaged and used to create window seat and panelled ceiling

  • All new glazing double glazed and air sealed. Double glazing retro fitted to existing joinery.

  • Insulation and air barrier installed to all external walls to make the house warm and draft free

  • Chimneys and open fires removed to reduce drafts and earthquake hazard

  • Heat recovery ventilation system installed to conserve energy and provide healthy clean ventilation.

  • Interior walls plastered over gib board with clay plaster. Bathroom plastered with lime over gib board. For aesthetics and the health benefits of bringing clay into the house.

  • Durable NZ grown Eucalyptus timber used for decks

This house is a great example of what can be achieved using an existing building – updating something old to make it warm and comfortable, and using natural and non toxic materials as much as possible.

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