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Office at Maraetotara Rd. 2014

An Office Retreat in Pink


Here Pat trialed a strawbale building technique used by a French Builder (Tom Rijven). The bales were dunked into a clay slip, a chase was cut out and horizontal battens were put in between each layer of bales. Nils had the chance to add a bit to the house by building the window and door frames which were fitted with reused sashes.


  • Pole shed structure

  • Earthbag ring foundation between poles to retain floor.

  • Earthern floor

  • Strawbale walls, south wall with ply cladding

  • Clay basecoat and as finish coat on the inside

  • Lime finsh on the exterior wall with Silicate paint

  • Interior colored clay paint

  • Solar array on roof that supplies most of the power for the office and main dwelling.

  • Loft space created with recycled hardwood and round-wood taken from the property

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