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Springfield Rd. Main House 2017

Large Extension to Existing Strawbale Cottage


The original plan was to build a second larger dwelling to compliment the existing cottage. During the design process the clients decided that it made more sense to combine the two buildings and build an extension on to the cottage instead.  Nils did the design work and drafting, working closely with the clients.



  • Block ring foundation, with suspended timber floor.

  • Post and beam construction with bales on their flat side.

  • Bracing achieved with timber angle braces instead of the more common steel straps.

  • Locally made timber joinery, with external timber facings.

  • Bales plastered inside and out with clay body coat applied by pump.

  • Exterior walls finished with a lime top coat and silicate paint

  • Interior straw walls finished with clay top coats and lime top coat in wet areas.

Joining the two buildings together seamlessly was an interesting challenge.  Cutting away the section of existing straw bale wall allowed us to closely examine how the wall system was performing in an exposed easterly situation. We were pleased (but not surprised!) to find everything in perfect condition.

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